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We Love Progressive

Progressive is a sub-genre..keep this in mind! We started to play in 2005 and decided that our passion should be made public. It was just an idea that  came to life.  

Our DJ activity isn't meant for fame, fortune or events we can brag about and leave the underground. 

We appreciate quality electronic music in its most complex forms! 

We Love Progressive means party with friends, for friends.



UNDRGRND features exclusive dj sets, breathing a melodic touch to the electronic music scene with the help of well crafted musical stories of young and talented artists. 

We invite DJs from all over the globe to our local gigs in Bucharest.


Daytime urban gethering

Friendly and social daytime parties with friends.

Latest release

Valid - Never-ending (Original Mix)

Valid - Healing (Original Mix)

Meet the team

Alex&Mircea Babescu


Alex and Mircea Babescu are two new discoveries of the Romanian electronic dance scene. They do not have a real background with things like piano or guitar lessons and are not trained musicians, but they really know how to appreciate the deepness and the quality of the  electronic tracks they are choosing in their sets.
At 14 years old they started to build a passion for electronic music and 7 years later, around 2005, they started to play progressive electronic music. In 2007,  the two brothers founded We Love Progressive Romania, an important  gathering of many well selected underground progressive influenced DJs  and their close followers.
The brand name is a simple idea that is  based on a rude passion, a short and easy way to remember what their  audience appreciates and expects from them.
We Love Progressive Romania isn't meant for fame, fortune or events they can brag about and leave the underground. It is all about the music quality and the pure  satisfaction and passion of their listeners.
They believe that choosing the right tracks to create an interesting atmosphere during their sets is quite challenging so they outperform themselves to meet the standards of their close followers.
The setup in which Alex & Mircea Babescu play is quite complex and this makes their live sets to be exciting and alive while choosing very carefully tracks that vary from Progressive House to Deep Techno, circling around an underground  sound suitable for explosive parties and mind blowing sets.
They love the underground music and are happy to have helped to build an awesome atmosphere at events with important names like Sasha, Guy J, Hernan Cattaneo, Henry Saiz, Seb Dhajje, Andy Newland, Jody Wisternoff, Luis Junior, Mehmet Akar, Guy Mantzur, John Digweed and others.
There is certainly more to come from Alex & Mircea Babescu on on the Romanian electronic scene and abroad.



Oscar was born in 1985 and his first contact with electronic music was from an early age, and his debut was in 2007, under We Love Progressive party brand.
He is part of an artists group that plays and promote underground music and  organise gigs attended by people who seek and appreciate quality music.
Oscar`s music is a combination between deep house, progressive and tech  beats that will make you enjoy him from the very first time you hear his sounds.
Oscar loves to play music for his friends in  the private gigs (We Love Progressive and UndrGrnd), but he also  performed next to big names like: Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Mariano Mellino  Jody Wisternoff, Henry Saiz, Luis Junior,  Mehmet Akar, Guy J, Marcelo Vasami,  Ferando Ferryera, Guy Mantzur, Brian Cid, and others. He also had online  shows at local and international radio stations like: Dj Highway, Radio Deea, Frisky Radio, Golden Wings music, Ibiza Global Radio.



Valentin Dogaru also known for his stage name - Valid, is a young DJ and producer from Romania. 

His interest in electronic music rose many years ago when he started attending local gigs in Bucharest, with great main guests like John Digweed, Sasha, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Lee Burridge, Henry Saiz and the list continues. Willing to take his passion for music to the next level, he decided to start recording sets, gathering some of the most newly released songs, that had an impact on him. This resulted into a flavour of deep, progressive and a little bit of tech rhythms. In order to take things further he started playing together with his friends, the creators of We Love Progressive and UndrGRND brands, at their organized parties in Bucharest. He shared booth with international artists such as Brian Cid, Cid Inc, Mariano Mellino, Nick Varon, John Cosani and his sets were played at Progressive Beats (resident), IFM Radio (resident), Frisky Radio, Ibiza Global Radio, mIX-oNe FM and Saturo Sounds. Valid is very determined to invest more time and resources into his passion so this means that we will continue to hear his amazing recorded and also live sets.


upcoming events

friday, 28 june


10pm - 8am

Kundalini Pool Bar & Lounge

+ Event Details

friday, 28 june


Salutare dragi prieteni.
Ne revedem cu forțe proaspete și chef de dans pe 28 Iunie la piscina  Kundalini începând cu ora 22:00 pentru a petrece împreună o noapte  răcoroasă de vară la marginea bazinului pe ritmuri Progressive House și  Melodic Techno.
Ce poate să ne placă mai mult decât o petrecere în aer liber?
Vă rog să apăsați butonul GOING doar dacă participați. Revin cu ACCESS PASS.
Dacă aveți prieteni apropiați care sunt mișto să nu îi lăsați acasă. Oameni suntem! 😆😘🥰
30 Ron / Single
50 Ron / Cuplu


- Vladea

- Valid

- Vlad Alexandru

- Andrew Case

10pm - 8am

Kundalini Pool Bar & Lounge

sunday, 30 JUNE

Baneasa MALL Rooftop PARTY w. Oscar/ Shin'ar/ SkyDreamer

6PM - 12AM

BLACK by Doncafe Brasserie

+ Event Details

sunday, 30 JUNE

Baneasa MALL Rooftop PARTY w. Oscar/ Shin'ar/ SkyDreamer

- Oscar R (extended set) -
- Shin’ar -
- SkyDreamer -

- Food Area
- Shot Bar
- Cocktail Bar

 Bilete regular în avans:
Early Bird: 50 RON (20bilete disponibile) - 4 DISPONIBILE in acest moment
Regular Access: 60ron (110bilete disponibile)
@Door tickets (un numar limitat de bilete)

 Accesul la eveniment se face începând cu ora 18:00
 Accesul persoanelor sub 18 ani este strict interzis.
 Accesul interzis in locatie cu bautura din afara, droguri si alte substante interzise
 Ieșirea din locație nu este permisa pana la ora 00:00, in caz contrar  trebuie sa platiti din nou contravaloarea biletului de intrare.

6PM - 12AM

BLACK by Doncafe Brasserie

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We Love Progressive

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